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Basic Program - Part 2

X = neu gelernt   /  X = bereits gelernt  /  O = noch nicht gelernt

X 33. wheel around

X 34. box the gnat

8c. wrong way grand

X 35. trade family

    X a. (named dancers trade) trade

    X b. couples trade

    X c. partner trade

O 36. ocean wave (formation)

    O a. step to a wave

    O b. balance

    O 21c. all eight circulate

O 37. alamo style/ring (formation)

O 38. swing thru / left swing thru

O 39. run / cross run

O 40. pass the ocean

O 41. extend

O 42. wheel and deal

    O a. from two faced lines

    O b. from line of four

O 43. zoom

O 44. flutterwheel / reverse flutterwheel

O 45. sweep a quarter

O 46. trade by

O 47. touch a quarter

    O 21d. single file circulate

    O 21e. split / box circulate

O 48. ferris wheel